HR Analytics

HR Analytics

Gathering data is critical to understanding and evaluating the effectiveness of various programs. Systems must be in place to gather data and allow it to be accessed. HR can then analyze the data and report the findings in a format that provides meaning. Trend analysis and other forms of HR analytics allows managers, armed with valuable information, to base decisions on data rather than opinion or anecdotal information.

Data gathering tools can be easily integrated into most HR functions and processes. Surveys and checklists may be used to gather data from recruiting, onboarding, training, performance management processes. Once compiled and analyzed, managers can make better, strategic decisions regarding the workforce structure rather than simply filling vacancies as they occur.

Our Approach:

  • Review information systems to determine what data is currently gathered and update or create reports that will compile general employee information such as: Number of employees, turnover ratios, EEO/AA data.

  • Develop a two-part new employee orientation survey to measure satisfaction and effectiveness. Part 1 will be completed at the end of the formal session (day 1) and Part 2 will be completed on or near the 6-month anniversary.

  • Develop training and development evaluations of training quality.

  • Develop exit interviews; compile qualitative data into useful reports while protecting privacy of participants.

  • Develop additional HR data gathering tools, as needed.


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