Onboarding Program Development

Onboarding Program Development and Conducting New Hire Orientations

Onboarding Program Development

Successful integration of new employees into the organization relies on the quality and effectiveness of the onboarding program.  New employees’ first impressions begin during the recruitment and selection process, are further developed on the first day of work and solidified through the first few months of employment.

Onboarding Programs Include:

Communication and preparation for the first day to employee

  • Welcome letter (if possible, include on-line video)
  • Confirm date, time and location
  • Documents and instructions
  • Appropriate attire for first day (and for work site if different)


Introduction to the organization

  • History, culture, industry specifics
  • Organizational structure, Key Managers/personnel
  • Employee’s role in organizational success


Benefits, Policies & Procedures

  • Eligibility and enrollment information
  • Ethics Public Sector, Employee Handbook, Safety Policies


Performance expectations

  • General expectations
  • Supervisor discussions (first day, first week, first quarter and first 6 months)
  • Job specific training scheduled


Supervisor preparation for the first day

  • Work space identified and ready
  • Equipment available and set up (computer, phone, vehicle, uniforms, PPE)
  • Network access, e-mail, and systems access


Human Resources check-in

  • Interview and survey


Our approach:

  • review current new employee onboarding program and make recommendations for updates, as necessary.
  • update or create onboarding program to include pre-employment activities and communication, first day activities and follow-on activities. When possible, activities such as routine paperwork and benefits information will use electronic documents to improve efficiency and data gathering.
  • develop or acquire training materials that use methods to compliment various learning styles.
  • develop checklists to assist the supervisor and new employee stay on track (use electronic reminders and tracking when available)

Conducting new hire orientations

Conducting new employee orientation requires knowledge of the organization, its mission, vision, values as well as its policies and procedures.  The human resources and recruiting functions must coordinate with the new employee(s) to ensure smooth transition from offer through pre-employment processes and first day activities.  Human resources must coordinate orientation activities with hiring managers and guest speakers.  Successful new employee orientation also requires clear communication between new employee and his/her supervisor.

Our approach:

  • coordinate with hiring supervisors to ensure pre-employment activities are clearly communicated.
  • develop systems to ensure new hire documents are completed efficiently using a mix of verbal, written and on-line platforms.
  • coordinate with human resources to schedule location, equipment, participants, speakers, and other stakeholders.
  • develop or acquire training materials that use methods that compliment various learning styles.
  • Create new employee orientation presentation in group or one-on-one format.