Workforce Planning and Acquisition

Workforce Planning & Acquisition

Organizations that systematically review and analyze workforce needs in terms of the size, type, and quality of staff to achieve its objectives will be poised for success. Workforce planning helps determine the appropriate mix of experience, knowledge, and skills required to get the right number of right people in the right place at the right time.

Job Analysis and job design –   Job analysis is the process of gathering and analyzing information about the content and the human requirements of jobs, as well as, the context in which jobs are performed.  forWord CONNECTIONS will review internal processes, job requirements, job progression and responsibilities for individual positions, job families or full organizations.  Recommendations may include Job classification Matrixes that reflect grade levels and coincide with salary structures.

Our approach:

  • review existing workforce/staffing plan and job classification structure.
  • perform job analysis for each position using interviews and observation techniques.
  • coordinate with the stakeholders to understand the roles and requirements.
  • update or develop a template for job specifications and other criteria required for each position.

Job description review / development

Job descriptions serve both the employee and the organization by defining the functions of the job.  Job descriptions can be used as the basis for recruitment, selection, job evaluation, performance evaluation, compensation, and training.  Developing sound job descriptions begins with a job analysis/design followed by documenting the specifications which include the following elements:

  • Heading (classification information) Title, Department, FLSA status, Supervisor, and Date last updated.
  • Summary of the position
  • Essential functions of the job
  • Required qualifications
  • Desired qualifications
  • Essential skills and experience
  • Success factors
  • Physical demands
  • Work environment

Our approach:

  • review existing job descriptions to determine the level of compliance and completeness.
  • coordinate with the HR team to understand the compensation and classification structure.
  • update or develop a template for job descriptions.
  • update or develop job descriptions to ensure every position is defined and properly classified.


Talent acquisition begins with a thorough understanding of the type of candidates that are successful for specific roles and organizations.  Successful applicant sourcing and recruiting uses multiple platforms including print and on-line media as well as industry specific tools to attract a diverse and qualified candidate pool.  forWord Connections will ensure recruitment and selection processes align with the organization’s strategic plan and compliment the culture to attract, hire and retain the best candidates for the position.

Recruiting and selection processes should include:

  • Developing a staffing plan
  • Evaluating the need to hire
  • Defining the role and analyzing the job
  • Developing a targeted sourcing strategy
  • Leverage technology and best practices

Our approach:

  • review existing policies and procedures for compliance, effectiveness and efficiency as well as the organization’s culture and strategic direction.
  • perform a needs assessment to understand the labor market, types of positions, pay/offer policies, time and budget constraints, technology capabilities and affirmative action goals.
  • update existing recruitment and selection processes.
  • develop a recruitment plan, checklist and tools that will serve as a template for each vacancy.

Interviewing and selection

Developing structured screening and selection processes help ensure placement of qualified candidates that possess the behavioral characteristics needed to be successful in the position and organization.  forWord CONNECTIONS  can help the organization develop sound interviewing and selection systems optimizing each process to reduce time-to-hire and improve quality of hires.  In addition, forWord CONNECTIONS can provide group or individual training to hiring managers that will enhance their ability to effectively interview candidates and make sound hiring decisions.

Interviewing and Selection activities may include:

  • Pre-screening activities
  • Assessments and testing
  • Employment decisions
  • Conditional offer/offer letter
  • Background checks
  • Post-employment testing

Our approach:

  • develop basic interview and selection processes that will define criteria needed to be successful in the position and organization.
  • create interview templates and scoring mechanisms as needed.
  • Perform needs analysis and coordinate outside vendor selection for supplemental selection tools such as background checks, drug & alcohol testing, or other assessments.
  • develop and deliver interview and selection training to hiring managers (formal training or one-on-one), as required.